While there currently isn’t a way to prevent developing vitiligo, there are specific, cutting-edge treatments that can help give improvement for the depigmentation in affected areas. AI Score. Other than these, some people would opt for skin dyes in order to cover up the problem of vitiligo. You should follow this instruction to cure vitiligo at home: Keep reading the article and get more home remedies for vitiligo. The method is: Margosa is known as neem and people usually use seeds, leaves, and bark for medicinal functions. Especially, mama cadela roots are useful for treating vitiligo. Get some goosefoot leaves to extract its juice. Tattoo or tattow means workmanlike or correct. It is water & smudge proof. Vitiligo is a skin problem, usually triggered by a low immune problem. Check out Dermal Dye for Vitiligo reviews, ratings, specifications and more at … If you want to get rid of this skin condition easily, effectively, and permanently, drinking water stored in a copper vessel is the simple way you can do at home, at the office, or on your journey. Disguising vitiligo with makeup, self-tanning compounds, or dyes is a safe, easy way to make it less noticeable. //