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Technically speaking Valley Truss is committed to using the latest technology available for their industry. Nearly everyone has heard of precision laser surgery on the eye or personally knows people who have had their eyes improved by laser technology in the medical field, but few people realize that housing components are made to exact standards by using laser technology. To complement the laser technology we also have an Auto set c4 jigging system for a perfect truss every time. These two pieces of equipment are equivalent to a man wearing a belt and suspenders to hold up his pants, We take quality very seriously so seriously that 98% of our wood is stored indoors out of the sun and rain this protects the end consumer from mold and mildew as well as twisting.

The best and straightest wood does not mean anything unless you cut it correctly Valley Truss has 3 computer driven saws the Alpine linear saw (ALS), Omni saw, Spida speed cut as well as a man operated Metracut these high tech saws ensure that all truss pieces will fit tight and with no gaps between the joints this makes our quality virtually unmatched.


Serving Idaho Since 1962

Valley Truss Company, one of the area’s top small businesses located at 4100 S. Eagleson Rd. Valley Truss Company has been making quality trusses since 1962 when Bob Buchwitz had a vision for the future of construction in the southwest. In 1986 Bob retired and handed off the rains to Dennis and Pam Moodie they continued the vision until 2000 when Jason and Mike Moodie purchased the truss plant.

A modern manufacturing plant, even in the days of computers and smart phones a company needs to have key employees to make it run efficiently and at a profit in the challenging times we face. At Valley Truss Company our sales force is the heart of our operation, Craig Calhoun, Brian Weller and Duane Stack head up the residential division. Dennis McMillan is our commercial specialist and Larry Newman is the resident engineer.

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